Current Lab Members

Aleksandar Antanasijevic
Post Doctoral Research Associate

About Aleksandar:
I am a structural biologist/virologist currently working on development of nanoparticles for multivalent display of various immunogens, and their characterization.
Interests: HIV, SOSIP, HIV Vaccine , Self-assembling nanoparticles

André Nicolás León
Graduate Student

About André Nicolás:
I study mitochondrial membrane proteins to probe basic biology and to develop novel therapeutics in collaboration with the Parker Lab (Scripps Florida) and Herzik Lab (UCSD). Outside of work, I am a copious reader, kitty poppa, and recreational writer.
Interests: Membrane Protein, Single-particle cryo-EM, protein structure and function, Nanodisc

Andrew Ward

About Andrew:
I am a structural biologist in the Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology (DISCoBio) at The Scripps Research Institute. I lead a diverse group of structural, biophysical, and computational biologists that ply their wares in the fields of virology, vaccinology, and membrane protein biology.

Bartek Nogal
Graduate Student

About Bartek:

Charles Bowman
Bioinformatics Analyst

About Charles:
In my position in the Ward group at The Scripps Research Institute, I work to provide robust solutions to bioinformatics problems to members of the lab. I received my Bachelors in Microbiology in 2011 and Master of Science in Information Science in 2014 from the University of Pittsburgh.
Interests: Bioinformatics, Web Development, Databasing, Viruses

Chris Cottrell
Graduate Student

About Chris:
I use cryoEM to determine the atomic structure of the HIV envelope protein bound to neutralizing antibodies isolated from HIV+ patients or vaccinated animals. I use information regarding the molecular interactions between the HIV envelope and the antibodies to design new vaccine candidates, which are then tested in animal models. Antibodies elicited from these animal studies are again examined by cryoEM, thereby creating an iterative cycle of HIV vaccine design.
Interests: Bioinformatics, Single-particle cryo-EM, Antibody structure and function, HIV Vaccine

Gabriel Ozorowski
Staff Scientist

About Gabriel:
Interests: Viruses, HIV

Gregory Martin
Postdoctoral Associate

About Gregory:

Hannah L. Turner
Research Assistant and Bill Anderson's EM apprentice

About Hannah:
Graduated from Oregon State University. Go BEAVS! I work primarily on Ebola, Flu and Coronavirus particles with antibodies.

Jeffrey Copps
Research Assistant

About Jeffrey:
Ph.D. (Bio-Organic Chemistry) Creighton University 2008
Interests: protein structure and function, Electron microscopy, Analytical HPLC/FPLC, Antibody structure and function, CRISPR, Hybridomas

Jennifer Rafanan
Administrative Assistant

About Jennifer:

Jennifer Kefauver
Graduate Student

About Jennifer:
I study ion channels that sense forces. As a joint student with Ardem Patapoutian and Andrew Ward, my work has been on SWELL1, the essential subunit of the Volume Regulated Anion Channel which senses osmotic pressure and releases Cl ions and small osmolytes in response. I'm interested in how channels like SWELL1 and the mechanotransduction channels, Piezo1 and Piezo2 convert physical forces like pressure and osmotically driven swelling into electrical signals.
Interests: Membrane Protein, Single-particle cryo-EM, Mechanotransduction, protein structure and function, Electron microscopy, Nanodisc

Jonathan Torres
Research Assistant

About Jonathan:
Interests: Llamas

Julianna Han
Postdoctoral Associate

About Julianna:

Kei Saotome
Post Doctoral Research Associate

About Kei:
Interests: Membrane Protein, Single-particle cryo-EM, Mechanotransduction

Kimmo Rantalainen
Post Doctoral Research Associate

About Kimmo:
My projects are related to studies of HIV envelope glycoprotein structure and function. My focus is on the properties of unmodified and full length envelope and I enjoy the methodological and technological challenges brought by the complex and flexible transmembrane protein. The broader aim is to support vaccine development.
Interests: Viruses, Hardware, 3D, HIV, Membrane Protein, Single-particle cryo-EM, protein structure and function, Electron microscopy, HIV Vaccine , Protocol C

Lauren Holden
Lab Manager

About Lauren:
Interests: Antibody, Viruses, Llamas, Membrane Protein, protein structure and function, Electron microscopy, X-ray Crystallography

Leigh Sewall
Research Assistant

About Leigh:

Nicholas Wu
Research Associate

About Nicholas:
I am interested in studying the driving forces and constraints of influenza evolution from a structural biology perspective.

Robert Kirchdoerfer
Post Doctoral Fellow

About Robert:
Robert's interests lie in using structural biology to unravel the workings of viral machinery. After working for several years as a crystallographer, Robert has picked up cryo-electron microscopy as a method of examining viral protein structure. Robert is currently supported by a NIH/NIAID K99 Career Transition Award and hopes to be moving to an academic faculty position in the near future. In his spare time, Robert enjoys swimming and weightlifting with occasional beach volleyball and kickball.
Interests: Viruses, protein structure and function, Electron microscopy, Coronavirus

Sandhya Bangaru
Post Doctoral Research Associate

About Sandhya:

Sebastián Jojoa Cruz
Graduate Student

About Sebastián:
Interests: Membrane Protein, Single-particle cryo-EM, Mechanotransduction, protein structure and function, Electron microscopy

Wilma Wen-Hsin Lee
Research Technician

About Wilma Wen-Hsin:

Yuhe Renee Yang
Post Doctoral Research Associate

About Yuhe Renee:
Interests: DNA nanotechnology

Zachary Berndsen
Post Doctoral Research Associate

About Zachary:

Lab Alumni

Steven De Taeye
Graduate Student (EXTERNAL)

Shinji Kakuda
Visiting Scientist (TEIJIN PHARMA)

Ryan Hoffman
Post Doctoral Research Associate

Natalia de Val
Senior Research Associate

Helen Kim
Graduate Student

Thomas Polveroni-Edwards

Jeong Hyun Lee
Graduated Student

Travis Nieusma
Research Assistant

Alba Torrents De La Pena
Graduate Student (EXTERNAL)

Jonathan Moore
Professional Scientific Collaborator

Jesper Pallesen
Sr. Research Associate

Daniel Murin
Post Doctoral Research Associate

Chris Crowley
Visiting Postdoctoral Associate

Haerin Jang