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The Ward lab uses the broad resolving power of the electron microscope (EM) and cutting edge biophysical techniques to investigate the intersection between viral pathogens and the immune system.

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MERS S ectodomain trimer in complex with Fab of neutralizing antibody G4

Recent Publications
Structure of a cleavage-independent HIV Env recapitulates the glycoprotein architecture of the native cleaved trimer. Sarkar A, Bale S, Behrens AJ, Kumar S, Sharma SK, de Val N, Pallesen J, Irimia A, Diwanji DC, Stanfield RL, Ward AB, Crispin M, Wyatt RT, Wilson IA.
Nat Commun., May 16, 2018, PMID:29769533
Structural and immunologic correlates of chemically stabilized HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins. Schiffner T, Pallesen J, Russell RA, Dodd J, de Val N, LaBranche CC, Montefiori D, Tomaras GD, Shen X, Harris SL, Moghaddam AE, Kalyuzhniy O, Sanders RW, McCoy LE, Moore JP, Ward AB, Sattentau QJ.
PLoS Pathog, May 10, 2018, PMID:29746590