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Structure of mechanically activated ion channel OSCA2.3 reveals mobile elements in the transmembrane domain.
Jojoa-Cruz S, Burendei B, Lee WH, Ward AB.
Structure, Dec. 6, 2023, PMID:38103547
LipIDens: simulation assisted interpretation of lipid densities in cryo-EM structures of membrane proteins.
Ansell TB, Song W, Coupland CE, Carrique L, Corey RA, Duncan AL, Cassidy CK, Geurts MMG, Rasmussen T, Ward AB, Siebold C, Stansfeld PJ, Sansom MSP.
Nat Commun., Nov. 27, 2023, PMID:38012131
A combined adjuvant approach primes robust germinal center responses and humoral immunity in non-human primates.
Phung I, Rodrigues KA, Marina-Zárate E, Maiorino L, Pahar B, Lee WH, Melo M, Kaur A, Allers C, Fahlberg M, Grasperge BF, Dufour JP, Schiro F, Aye PP, Lopez PG, Torres JL, Ozorowski G, Eskandarzadeh S, Kubitz M, Georgeson E, Groschel B, Nedellec R, Bick M, Kaczmarek Michaels K, Gao H, Shen X, Carnathan DG, Silvestri G, Montefiori DC, Ward AB, Hangartner L, Veazey RS, Burton DR, Schief WR, Irvine DJ, Crotty S.
Nat Commun., Nov. 4, 2023, PMID:37925510
Glycan heterogeneity as a cause of the persistent fraction in HIV-1 neutralization.
Ringe RP, Colin P, Ozorowski G, Allen JD, Yasmeen A, Seabright GE, Lee JH, Antanasijevic A, Rantalainen K, Ketas T, Moore JP, Ward AB, Crispin M, Klasse PJ.
PLoS Pathog., Oct. 30, 2023, PMID:37903160
Broad SARS-CoV-2 neutralization by monoclonal and bispecific antibodies derived from a Gamma-infected individual.
Guerra D, Beaumont T, Radi? L, Kerster G, van der Straten K, Yuan M, Torres JL, Lee WH, Liu H, Poniman M, Bontjer I, Burger JA, Claireaux M, Caniels TG, Snitselaar JL, Bijl TPL, Kruijer S, Ozorowski G, Gideonse D, Sliepen K, Ward AB, Eggink D, de Bree GJ, Wilson IA, Sanders RW, van Gils MJ.
iScience., Oct. 20, 2023, PMID:37841584
Structure and Dynamics Guiding Design of Antibody Therapeutics and Vaccines
Fernández-Quintero ML, Pomarici ND, Fischer AM, Hoerschinger VJ, Kroell KB, Riccabona JR, Kamenik AS, Loeffler JR, Ferguson JA, Perrett HR, Liedl KR, Han J, Ward AB.
Antibodies (Basel)., Oct. 18, 2023, PMID:37873864
The smallest functional antibody fragment: Ultralong CDR H3 antibody knob regions potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2.
Huang R, Warner Jenkins G, Kim Y, Stanfield RL, Singh A, Martinez-Yamout M, Kroon GJ, Torres JL, Jackson AM, Kelley A, Shaabani N, Zeng B, Bacica M, Chen W, Warner C, Radoicic J, Joh J, Dinali Perera K, Sang H, Kim T, Yao J, Zhao F, Sok D, Burton DR, Allen J, Harriman W, Mwangi W, Chung D, Teijaro JR, Ward AB, Dyson HJ, Wright PE, Wilson IA, Chang KO, McGregor D, Smider VV.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, Sept. 26, 2023, PMID:37722054
A Lassa virus mRNA vaccine confers protection but does not require neutralizing antibody in a guinea pig model of infection
Ronk AJ, Lloyd NM, Zhang M, Atyeo C, Perrett HR, Mire CE, Hastie KM, Sanders RW, Brouwer PJM, Saphire EO, Ward AB, Ksiazek TG, Alvarez Moreno JC, Thaker HM, Alter G, Himansu S, Carfi A, Bukreyev A
Nat Commun., Sept. 12, 2023, PMID:37699929
Protocol for analyzing antibody responses to glycoprotein antigens using electron-microscopy-based polyclonal epitope mapping.
Turner HL, Jackson AM, Richey ST, Sewall LM, Antanasijevic A, Hangartner L, Ward AB.
STAR Protoc., July 28, 2023, PMID:37516970
Affinity-matured homotypic interactions induce spectrum of PfCSP structures that influence protection from malaria infection.
Martin GM, Torres JL, Pholcharee T, Oyen D, Flores-Garcia Y, Gibson G, Moskovitz R, Beutler N, Jung DD, Copps J, Lee WH, Gonzalez-Paez G, Emerling D, MacGill RS, Locke E, King CR, Zavala F, Wilson IA, Ward AB.
Nat Commun., July 28, 2023, PMID:37507365